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You might have felt a wide range of emotions and thoughts when you read this question.  Some of you may know exactly what you want, like going into ministry and becoming a pastor or going to a University, while others have some ideas but feel very uneasy about making a decision.  What if there was a place where you could take one year to deepen your relationship with Jesus, and learn more about who you are and what you want to pursue in education, ministry, relationships, and life in general?  And what if you could do that while earning fully accredited and transferrable college credit for a fraction of the cost of a university or college?

Victory School of Ministry can give you that opportunity.  We will mentor you in your spiritual life that will help you learn how to defend your faith, pray and intercede, minister out in the world, and develop a foundation in the LORD that will impact the rest of your life.  We will also mentor you in the practical things that will help you learn financial responsibility, leadership skills, relationship skills, and even how to start and run a business.  Combine all that with opportunities to travel and serve God in ministry, and the result is a student who knows who God is, who they are, and what they want out of life.  We give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture where God can meet with you in a way that He never has before; an environment where it's all about Him as you become rooted in grounded in your faith like never before.

VSOM offers even more than this nine month program. Those who desire to enter into vocational ministry can return after their first year and receive the hands-on training they need to thrive as ministers of the Gospel. In our 10 years of existence, we have a proven model of effective training and have graduated many into part time and full time ministry positions. So whether you come just for the first year or are wanting to go into vocational ministry, there is a place for you in VSOM!

1st Year:  Personal Development and Calling

1st Year:  Personal Development and Calling.  Hundreds of thousands of students are borrowing money from the government and spending thousands on college education, only to find themselves not really knowing what they want to do.  Why not spend a year of your life immersed in a culture where you can figure these things out?  The courses are designed to impact the personal development side by imparting life skills like healthy relationship building, prayer and evangelism, wise financial living, and personal character and integrity.  Students also take Bible courses through Global University, which helps them earn ministry credentials if students desire to pursue them.  In addition to spiritual formation, all first year students will take two college courses in partnership with Valley Christian School and Eastern Gateway Community College.   Experiential learning enables students to pray, engage with missions and outreach, and learn foundational principles of ministry through hands on experience.  While the other years of VSOM are primarily vocational ministry training, this first year experience focuses on personal identity and calling and enables students to either leave VSOM at the end of the year ready to pursue what God has for them in a university or workplace, or propels them into a second year ready to learn ministry leadership and beyond.  So whether you finish your ignition year and launch out into the world, or decide to come back for more ministry training, we help you find the next level.

2nd Year: Leadership and Practical Ministry

For those who come back for a second year, they are only getting started with God is about to do in their lives through VSOM.  This year is designed for those who feel like they have a call to become a vocational minister, so from day one students will be engaged in courses and experiential learning that teaches the ways of leadership and prepares them for ministry in the church and world.  They continue to take courses through Global University to earn eligibility for ministry credentials.  Each student is given a position of leadership within a realm of influence in which they can practice what they have learned in an environment of encouragement and instruction.  Having come off a year of personal development and calling, students select a ministry track in which they narrow their focus and begin to develop skills in an area they feel called to, such as youth ministry or missions.  They are taught everything from how to put together a ministry budget to how to prepare a message and speak, as well as how to build a team and take risks that reflect a life of faith.  One-on-one mentorship increases as students receive professional training from a pastoral staff that, on average, has decades of ministry experience.   Students will finish their second year ready to pursue ministerial positions.

3rd Year:  Internship and Practice

The third year experience is loaded with opportunity as students narrow their focus even further and seek greater mastery over their life and ministry skills.  Students are removed from the regular day to day activity of 1st and 2nd year students and are primarily released into experiential learning through their area of ministry focus.  15 - 20 hours a week are dedicated to the actual leadership of ministries underneath the covering of a qualified professional.  With that in mind, tuition costs are reduced in most cases.  The internship takes the ministry track model of a second year student, expands it, and takes opportunity to the next level. This experience is the closest you can be to having full responsibility for the success of a ministry while still underneath the safe learning environment of VSOM.  Students will also complete their final year of their Global studies, through self study and once a month gatherings for lectures.  Each graduate will be fully eligible to receive their ministry credentials through either the Assemblies of God or Next Level Leadership Network.

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