Millions of young adults are spending thousands of dollars on college education, only to find themselves not really knowing what they want to do. There is a way to spend a year of your life immersed in a culture where you can figure these things out. VSOM. Our curriculum is designed to teach you how to deepen your relationship with God and discover God's will for your life.


While the later years of VSOM are primarily focused on vocational ministry training, this first year experience focuses on personal identity and calling. The first year is a Gap Year that prepares you to either pursue what God has for you in a university or workplace, or launches you into a second year ready to learn ministry leadership and beyond.

The first year is designed to empower you to recognize who God has called you to be through personal impartation and discipleship, gospel-centered academics, and real hands-on experience.



The second year of VSOM is designed for those who are called to pursue a part-time or full-time career in vocational ministry. You will continue to take courses from Global University as well as receive personal impartation from the leadership of Victory Christian Center.

One-on-one mentorship from Victory’s pastoral staff allows you to focus on a particular area of leadership of your choosing, including: worship, missions, multimedia, children, youth, etc. From this discipleship, you will have opportunities to lead with the gifts and abilities God has given you.

At the end of the second year you will be fully prepared to enter into ministry positions as the Lord opens doors of opportunity.



The third year experience is loaded with opportunity as you narrow your focus even further and seek greater mastery over your life and ministry skills. You are removed from the regular day to day activity of 1st and 2nd year students and are primarily released into experiential learning in your area of ministry focus. Your time is dedicated to the actual leadership of ministries underneath the covering of a qualified professional. This experience is the closest you can be to having full responsibility for the success of a ministry while still underneath the covering of VSOM.  

A school for those who want to know God like never before, discover who they are, and find out what they are called to do.
— Pastor Joey, Director, VSOM

What We Achieve

How we measure success within VSOM is in direct correlation to, not our deeds, but our obedience.

  • Mentorship in your spiritual life.
  • Learn how to effectively defend your faith, pray and intercede.
  • Help develop a life-long, impacting, foundation in the LORD that will be sustainable and strong.
  • Travel and serve God in ministry.
  • Practical help in financial responsibility, leadership, relationship & business skills.
  • The opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture where God can intimately meet with you.